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Koehler orders hydraulic TURBOBladeJetter from Bellmer
Koehler group has a worldwide reputation for its high-quality specialty papers such as thermo, decor, carbonless and fine papers, which are produced at the company’s mill in Oberkirch in the south of Germany.

Considerable investment has been made to ensure the Koehler group’s longterm competitiveness and to secure the future of the Oberkirch site. Over the next three years, approximately 35 million Euros will be spent Koehler has awarded Bellmer the order for a TURBOBladeJetter headbox with TURBOCone crossflow distributor and TURBODiluter dilution water control. The coneshaped TURBOCone features equal distribution of stock flow across the entire inlet width of the headbox. The cross-flow distributor works automatically within the design limits of the headbox and requires neither technical monitoring nor supervision.

The dilution water control TURBODiluter enables optimal control and correction of the CD profile, while the hydraulic BladeJetter ensures an even CD profile and firstclass paper sheet formation. The diffuser design, which is adapted according to each particular production scenario, ensures the break-up of macro flocculation. The flexible TURBOBlades allow for an optimum mixing ratio throughout the headbox.