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Sludge-Symposium 2013: new mobile WinklePress test train bodes well for the future
For sewage treatment plants, factors such as the sustainable lowering of energy and water consumption, moderate use of flocculants and a meaningful reduction in operating costs are increasingly important considerations.

This year‘s sludge symposia in Niefern and Lübeck were well attended by sewage plant operators looking for some inspiration to take back to their workplace. Mechanical sludge treatment must be profi table, and with so many processes involved in setting up a new facility, it is essential to make the right choices and compare operating costs before taking any decisions. With so many infl uential factors, each application must be considered individually, and testing is the best way to make meaningful comparisons. Bellmer provides laboratory testing for initial assessments which can be followed up with a mobile testing plant on site.

The TD Green pilot plant has now been joined by a new version of the WinklePress test train, which was demonstrated for the first time at the sludge symposia. The test train is completely equipped for all relevant tests at wastewater treatment plants. The WP Green 1 KX is fully controllable via Wi-Fi and all parameters are recorded throughout the testing process. The system has the flexibility to adapt to all sludge and on-site conditions. The WinklePress is complemented by a built-in fully-automatic 2-chamber flocculant preparation system and a testing laboratory.

For more information please contact Enrico Schick on +49 7233/74-257 or enrico.schick@bellmer.de.