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Energy saving in sewage treatment plants
Over the years, local governments have invested millions in the extension of sewage treatment plants, with clarification steps and digester towers built to cope with ever increasing demand. Cleaning capacity has often been the decisive factor, with operating costs sometimes playing a secondary role. In the light of increased energy costs, however, priorities have had to change in sewage management. Great savings in energy consumption can be achieved through the use of efficient equipment, and Bellmer’s sewage sludge treatment technology has always been particularly efficient in terms of energy consumption. With the new generation of WinklePresses™ and TurboDrains - the so-called Greenline - the main focus remains on resource-friendly sludge treatment. Thanks to optimized process technology, belt innovations based on nanotechnology and the use of energy-efficient motors, it has been possible to reduce energy consumption still further. It is now possible to thicken excess sludge based on a specific energy requirement of around just 0.06 kW/m3. The dry content values required are the biggest contributor to operating costs after polymer and energy costs. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the results we can achieve using one of our test plants.
Test “energy saving” potential on site with our mobile test plants