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Stora Enso in Maxau believes in Bellmer technology
Stora Enso GmbH Maxau is situated right on the banks of Rhine near the city of Karlsruhe. Its two paper machines produce an annual 520,000 tons of high-quality magazine papers. The in-house deinking plant has a processing capacity of approximately 400,000 tons/year of waste paper which is the main raw stock for the company’s magazine paper.
Since 1992, Maxau’s mill management has consistently specified Bellmer technology for waste water clarification. Over two decades, three Cascades, each consisting of WinklePress and size 3 TurboDrain have dewatered the mill’s deinking sludge. The Cascades have given such reliable service since they were first installed, that whenever an increase in capacity has been called for, further high-pressure WinklePresses WPH have been added to the sludge treatment process.
The moment recently came for another plant expansion. This time, the original TurboDrains in the Cascades were replaced due to the extension of DIP capacity by 20 % through three modern and closed TDH-L units. Despite the volume increase of each line up to 100 m3/h, it has been possible to achieve dry contents of up to 65 % with the installed WinklePresses. Clean operating conditions have been ensured thanks to the closed design of the TurboDrain TDH-L, combined with the encapsulation of the unit and the suction of exhaust air.
Clean operating conditions thanks to encapsulation