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Kübler & Niethammer: BELLMER modernizes paper machine
Kübler & Niethammer are producers of wastepaper-based graphic papers. The company has great plans for its Kriebethal site in eastern Germany, where about 19 million Euros is to be invested in 2013 in state-of-the-art technology. Following a Europe-wide call for tenders, Bellmer won the order for modernizing the dryer and press sections. The target of this challenging project is both an increase in production from the paper machine and increased competitiveness through the production of new and lighter packaging papers.
Bellmer, which specialises in ambitious and demanding modernization projects, will provide a complete new press section, and included in the scope of supply is a TURBOPress shoe press to increase dry contents and thereby reduce energy consumption. In addition, Bellmer will deliver rolls for the press section, parts for the paper/and felt guiding systems, frame elements for the new press section, pulpers and peripheral plant components such as the complete hydraulics control. The dryer section will also be updated, including the installation of parts for the pre-dryer section, such as web stabilizers, as well as elements of the post dryer section. The use of stabilizers means paper web flutter will be avoided and the number of paper breaks reduced. Integration of a rope-less transfer will ensure higher machine availability, particularly bearing in mind the planned speed increase.
Laying the foundations for another successful project:
Erich and Martin Kollmar, chairman Dr. H. Burkhardt, H.-P. Wildgrube and M. Moser of Kübler & Niethammer (left to right)