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Freshly pressed apple juice by VOM FASS
Freshly pressed apple juice by VOM FASS
Healthy nutrition for the whole family is an increasing priority. Health-conscious consumers attach value to the quality and origin of the food they buy and their needs are met by VOM FASS (meaning: right from the barrel) with top quality oils, vinegars, wines and non-alcoholic beverages. Their customers choose individual quantities for themselves and their families (and even their friends). At VOM FASS the goods can be tested before purchase and bottled in desired quantity. As early as the 1960s, the Kiderlen family imported wine from South Tyrol in Italy. Nowadays, the company has locations and franchise partners all over the world. Fresh apple juice has been part of VOM FASS’s product range for quite some time. To be able to offer even better quality, the Kiderlen family opted for a Bellmer juice extraction system.

Freshly gathered fruits from mixed orchards are delivered and weighed on new weighing equipment. The apples are subsequently carried on a conveyor belt to a bin with a 10-ton storage capacity. This means the decision about the timing and quantity of apples to be pressed can be made freely. An elevator conveys the apples to the Bellmer BAC mill, a unit that was specially designed for crushing fruit before the press treatment on the belt filter press. The disintegration of the fruit makes a marked contribution to reducing turbidity and increasing yield. A WinklePress WPF mini presses the apples applying slowly increasing pressure and ensures a gentle mash treatment and thus the production of low-cloud juices. Short extraction times prevent the oxidation of phenolic and aromatic fruit ingredients to the greatest possible extent and enable the production of high quality premium juices. A Bellmer BVS vibration screen filters the juice after the press process. The juice is then filled from a tank right into 5 litre bag-in-boxes.

Finally, the freshly processed juice is sold worldwide by VOM FASS partners. The plant has proven its value for a complete season, and the staff of the VOM FASS headquarters in Waldburg are extremely satisfied. In a press period of about 10 weeks, a quantity of 200,000 litres of fresh apple juice was extracted.
Absolute satisfaction: production manager Mr. Wurst (right)
and plant operator Mr. Bernhart