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1 BELLMER WinklePress for 15 sewage treatment plants
1 BELLMER WinklePress for 15 sewage treatment plants
Peter Stoosss Entsorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG of Engstingen is an expert in waste disposal, recycling, container services and geothermal drilling. Recently the company decided to extend their services to include sludge dewatering. Several technologies were thoroughly tested but it soon became obvious that only the belt press was sufficiently flexible to cope with the demands of all applications. Several belt presses were tested, on the back of which a WinklePress WPN-K 1 with high-pressure nip zone was chosen. The WinklePress won the day as a reliable, undemanding tool for achieving high dry contents. Many sewage treatment plants – among them small scale units – have to be served so that the compact size as well as low electric power consumption are essential features of the press. The high filtrate quality and consequently minor reload was another decisive factor. Easy relocation of the mobile plant was also important, since the smaller sewage treatment plants operate for just two or three days at time. The new mobile WPN can be removed with a Unimog (special truck) or even a tractor. Just one person is needed for the installation and removal of the unit.

For Peter Stoosss Entsorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG these are the basic requirements for smooth operation. Another highlight of the WPN is its ability to fill 20 m3. As soon as one container is full the plant will automatically switch over to the next container storing position. This means press operation can continue for up to 3 days without container transport, which is another great advantage.

After several months of use, Peter Stoosss said: “The WinklePress™ has been definitely proved itself in a continuous process. The requirements of mobile dewatering have been fully met.”
Ready for operation with minimal effort: the new WinklePress