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2 HT-Stoffaufläufe für Chenming
2 HT headboxes for Chenming

The Chenming Group, specialist supplier of various high quality packaging grades, has modernized its paper machine in Qihe in the North East of China. The machine features a four-layer fourdrinier wire section, and in order to improve formation and Cross Direction profiles Chenming ordered two new top level hydraulic headboxes from Bellmer.

An EQUALJetter was installed to improve formation of the visible, and therefore critical, top layer of the sheet. In order to optimize the Cross Direction profiles a second EQUALJetter was installed for the middle ply. That headbox was also fitted with our EQUALCircler Profile circular distributor. The built-in EQUALDiluter automated dilution water control system ensures optimum weight distribution over the width of the paper machine.

The new headboxes have proved their worth through the positive production data gathered since the smooth installation and startup took place several months ago. The Qihe team has recorded an improvement in quality and has been thoroughly impressed by the high class German workmanship. According to Qihe’s papermakers, the new headboxes soon felt like friends, thanks to their straightforward, intuitive operation.
EQUALJetters including EQUALCircler Profile