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The new WinklePress proves superior to centrifuge
The Ruhr River Association is one of North Rhine-Westphalia`s eleven big water management associations, each of which is responsible for certain river catchments. The supra-regional water management of the Ruhr river also comes under the Association`s field of operations. Up to now, the sewage treatment plant at Bestwig-Velmede has been dewatering with a centrifuge. However, repeated failures meant high maintenance and repair costs, which got the management thinking about new dewatering technologies. Their prime requirement was for the new system to provide outstanding dewatering results despite the partly abrasive elements in the sapropel. The WinklePress proved a clear winner after on-site tests were carried out using Bellmer`s pilot truck.

It wasn`t just these results that turned out favourably for the WPN; Bestwig`s sewage treatment staff also gave the WinklePress their vote, thanks to its reliability and easy servicing. The safety precision frame (SPF) of the WPN enables free positioning of the high-pressure rolls, achieving - compared with other belt presses - the highest final dry contents. The BELLMER SYSTEM CONTROL BSC-F (flow) ensures even dewatering results through constant belt speed. If you are interested in new and advanced dewatering technology, please visit us online at www.bellmer.de.