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Efficient and versatile: TurboDrain thickens everything
There are quite a few machines out there which can thicken excess sludge. But the original of all belt thickeners - the TurboDrain - does the job in a particularly efficient manner. The TurboDrain is designed for low energy and flocculent consumption, as well as totally reliable continuous operation. You may, however, have other sludge types to thicken.

In which case, you might like to follow the example of Günter Marohn of the sewage treatment plant servicing the town of Renningen, where a TurboDrain has been successfully operating for more than 10 years. Once the Bellmer belt thickener had proved itself with excess sludge, this innovative waste water specialist decided to test the technology on other sludge types, namely primary sludge, mixed sludge and even digested sludge.

These days, Mr. Marohn only thickens digested sludge, and achieves the best operating results in his sewage treatment plant. The drying substance in the digestion tower is constant, and sedimentation in the piping system, such as grease, is prevented. The homogenous nature of the sludge treated by the TDC means continuous operation is not a problem even at weekends. Following the thickening process on the TurboDrain, the sludges are dewatered using a WinklePress.