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LANG-HAFNER safes energy for Mitsubishi paper mill in Bielefeld
Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Bielefeld GmbH is known for its top quality special papers.

Bielefeld is the production site for thermoscript, giroform, jetscript and supercote papers. The company has set an extensive energy saving programme in motion for PM 1. In addition to a complete machine air system upgrade, Mitsubishi has specified a complete overhaul of climate control in the production hall.

The hoods rolling curtains will be replaced by insulated lift gates, which will allow the operation dew point to be increased to approximately 58°C.
The machine will be equipped with a new wire blower unit which will help enhance water vaporisation. The re-modelling and integration of the heat recovery plant (air/water) will optimise use of energy from the hood exhaust air. A secondary hot-water circuit will be installed for heating in the new hall ventilation system. Thanks to the energy that will be recovered from the hood exhaust air, it will be possible to operate the new halls ventilation without additional primary energy.

In addition, the existing steam and condensate system is to be optimised. The update of the existing equipment will ensure more flexible and secure operation for the production of the companys wide range of products.

An important aim for the project as a whole is to achieve efficiency in PM 1s use of primary energy.

The modernisation work will be undertaken by Bellmer subsidiary company Lang-Hafner, which has formed part of the Bellmer group since 2007.