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TURBOSeries - the new paper and board machine line from Bellmer
For the last few years, our focus has been on the continuous improvement of our products. The results have been significant: in 2010 more than 60 % of projects awarded to Bellmer were won thanks to technology which we have launched during the past three years.
These successful developments have had a positive impact right across our product line, and to reflect these technological gains, we have changed the brand name from EQUAL to TURBOSeries. The word TURBO in our product name is intended to emphasise a continuous increase in speed and power – both of which are major requirements today for successful paper and board production.

Here is a section-by-section explanation of Bellmer’s recent developments:

The conically shaped TURBOCone header is now available to complement our well proven TURBOCircler circular distributor. This application is particularly suitable for fast machines with little space behind the headbox. Profile control using dilution water injection is central to this new concept, and a new hydraulic headbox with lamellas has been created in order to generate even more activity in the headbox for high speed applications. The TURBOBlade Jetter™ can ensure more “turbo”-lence up to the slice of the headbox. For the heavy grades, we have introduced the new TURBOFlower™cylinder former headbox. This new design enormously improves formation even for multi-layer concepts.
Critically, it is also easy to operate.

TURBOForming section
The proven TURBOShaker high speed breast roll oscillation unit is now equipped with a new and even more efficient drive system. The TURBOFormer hybrid former now features an advanced support table concept to generate an even better micro impulse, which means improved formation.

TURBOPress section
Several details have changed on our shoe press, to ease the operators’ and maintenance team’s daily work on site. On top of this, our shoe press now has a little sister - the MINI TURBOPress. This shoe press benefits from all its big sister’s functionality, but the smaller diameter makes it the perfect solution for rebuilds of existing press sections where there is limited space and crane capacity.
TURBODryer section
To complement our familiar standard concepts with slalom, double and triple tier dryers, a single tier TURBODryer option is now available for high speed operation.

TURBOSizer section
Some grades still benefit from puddle type size presses, which was reason enough for us to optimise our TURBOSizer for better control over sump distribution. Where faster operation is needed, our new TURBOFilm Sizer film applicator will be ideal. In addition to sizing with easy-to-change rod holders, this great unit also performs pigmenting or base coating.

It is difficult to im-prove a class-leading product like the TURBOReeler. However, we have achieved significant progress with the control aspect of this technology using an advanced diagnosis system. The spool magazine for wide machines with a working width of more than 6 metres has been equipped with a soft drive, a development which has consigned to history the problem of “hanging spools”. While we were in the process of improving the empty spool transport of heavy weight spools, we also introduced our new TURBOTransporter. On the one hand, the new concept allows absolutely parallel transport of fully-loaded spools, while on the other, it enables safe sample taking or slabbing procedures. A real advantage with this new design is that you can even extend the transport distance at a later date if required. An apparently small but nonetheless significant development is that you need no longer depend on inclined slide out rails.

Some of our team have even started to refer to TURBODeveloping time cycles…☺