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Top quality fruit and vegetable juices courtesy of the WinklePress WPX
The WinklePress WPX has an established reputation for dejuicing pomaceous fruit like apples and pears, but it is also a proven solution for many other types of fruit and vegetable. After pitting and pre-treating, various fruits such as peaches, apricots, cherries, mirabelles or plums are gently but effectively dejuiced using this 6-stage press technology. Soft fruit like blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries or currants yield delicious, premium quality juice.
Among exotic fruits, the WPX is particularly suitable for extracting juice from pineapples, for which it can be used as second or third press with equal effect. Compared with other press systems, the total yield can be enhanced by more than 10 % through post pressing. In addition pericarps and fruit skin waste are easily separated off and can be processed into a preservation syrup. When it comes to vegetables, carrots are a particular success story. Then there are mushrooms or mushroom stems, which can be converted to mushroom concentrate after the dewatering process. Beetroot, spinach, potatoes, draff or manioc – the list goes on of vegetables which the WPX is designed to tackle. Another application for the WinklePress is the production of pectin from orange and lemon peels.
If the whole issue of juicing matters to you, please get in touch: frucht@bellmer.de.