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Bellmer refurbishes PM 2
Décor paper maker Cartiere di Guarcino S.p.A. forms part of the Italian Valentini group which produces, among other things, flat-pack furniture. The site in Guarcino has two 2.90-metre wide paper machines, but PM 2 was shut down in 2001. Last year, due to strong demand for décor papers in Southern Europe, Guarcino’s management decided to wake PM 2 from its slumber.
The goal was to achieve a sustainable increase of production capacity combined with an extension of the product range.
The goal was to become more flexible when responding to customer demand. To re-commission a paper machine after so many years required an extensive overhaul and modernization. Bellmer, which specializes in rebuilds, was commissioned
to refurbish PM 2 at the end of 2010.

The scope of supply included new parts for the press and dryer sections, modification of the web transfer from the dryer section to the Yankee cylinder, rebuild of the calender and, last but not least, parts for the rope system.
When the project was underway, Guarcino commented:
“Bellmer’s technicians have cooperated closely with the project team here at CdG with a view to achieving the expected results in the shortest possible time.”
The project team at Cartiere di Guarcino:
were impressed with the successful restart