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WinklePress replaces previous press
Living in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the banks of Poland’s largest river comes with its risks. Tarnobrzeg, population 50,000, is located on the river Vistula in the south-east of Poland. Two years ago, the city’s sewage treatment plant was completely flooded when the river rose to unusually high levels. In the course of the rebuilding work, which followed the flood, the treatment plant’s management decided to equip the sludge dewatering facility with new technology. Since the results achieved with the previously installed belt filter press had been totally unsatisfactory, the sewage treatment plant’s operators opted instead for a WinklePress WPN-K1.

A series of on-site trials carried out by our Polish partner Klimapol with our mobile plant showed conclusively that final dry content values were higher and operating costs were lower. In close cooperation with Klimapol, we then supplied a complete plant including flocculent station, mixing unit, pumps and pipelines.

Since the summer of 2011, the sludge dewatering plant has been operating successfully, reaching, in continuous operation, dry content values that are approximately 4 % higher than the previous press!
The team at Tarnobrzeg is delighted
with the high dry contents