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Bellmer Ibérica modernizes PM 2 at Empacor S.A., Colombia
Bellmer’s Spanish daughter company has scored another success – this time with Bellmer’s first project in Colombia. Empacor S.A. is a privately-owned company that was founded in 1979 and has become one of Colombia’s leading producers of high-quality corrugated board packaging material. Empacor produces liner and fluting material from waste paper at its paper mill in Bogotá. In order to keep pace with increased demand from abroad, the company opted for an extensive investment in the mill following an exploratory visit to Bellmer’s headquarters in Niefern.

The scope of supply comprises the proven hydraulic headbox TURBOJetter with dilution water control which will ensure the best possible quality. A TURBOCircler circular distributor will guarantee optimized CD profiles, and Bellmer will also provide a TURBOPress shoepress for the press section and rebuild the dryer section.
From the outset: optimum sheet formation
with the TURBOJetter and TURBOCircler