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Patagoniafresh prepares for the future
Patagoniafresh of Chile is one of the world’s largest producers of apple juice concentrate. One of its production plants is located in Curico, 200 km south of Santiago right on the Panamericana Sur highway. With 300 employees, this site is the largest of the company’s four locations. Here, for four to five months of the year, 1800 tons of apples are processed on a daily basis using seven WinklePresses™. This of course places considerable demands on the equipment, but long periods of downtime would cause heavy financial losses.

To be well prepared for the future, Patagoniafresh decided to undertake a thorough overhaul and modernisation of the old equipment it had been operating for more than two decades. The project was executed earlier this year in cooperation with Bellmer supervisor Dieter Schuler. Five WinklePresses WPF 3 as well as two WPF2 presses were completely overhauled with the latest technology.
The entire hydraulic system was replaced and modified, and special belt-protecting brush scrapers were installed. Water consumption has become a significant cost factor in Chile, and the customer was particularly impressed by the degree of water saving achieved with our newly integrated system for full-surface cleaning of the belts in combination with Belt Cleaning Control (the BBC unit).

If you are interested in a modernization or overhaul of your plant, please get in touch with our service team at service.st@bellmer.de or call us on +49 7233 74259.
With the upgraded machines, the new season can begin