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New: WinklePress Green – even higher dry solid contents!
Since its launch at IFAT in 1972, the WinklePress has consistently led the mechanical sludge dewatering market thanks to the lowest operational costs and best results in the field.
We have now optimized this bestselling unit to adapt to changing sludge composition and requirements. The result is the WinklePress Green, designed for more environment-friendly and cost-efficient sludge dewatering. Higher dry solids content can now be achieved thanks to the optimized roller configuration. The single roller gradations have been completely revised and the pressing time within the machine considerably extended. This is particularly advantageous when dealing with sludges with low press stability and a high organic content, although it ensures better dewatering results for all sludges. The unique process technology with up to six dewatering stages means minimal operating costs (flocculant, energy, water), while class-leading motors guarantee the lowest possible energy consumption figures.
Cleaning and handling operations are now even easier thanks to bigger inspection openings.