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Arauco Argentina: Rebuild of PM 2
Arauco Argentina, based in Puerto Esperanza, Misiones Province, has entrusted a second project to Bellmer. Following the successful rebuild of PM 1, Bellmer has been asked to turn its attention to PM 2.
The aim is to improve the quality of the fluff pulp that they are currently producing on PM2 with a view to increasing its presence in added value markets.
The Bellmer scope of supply comprises a new Headbox TURBOVaahtoJetter™ HQRC with a control profiling system to improve sheet formation and the dry basis weight profile.
The new headbox flow requires the dewatering configuration of the fourdriner to be modified to allow good sheet formation. A new Devronizer steam box will also be installed to control the moisture profile in this machine section.
The rebuild goes as far as the press section where the third nip is to be modified with larger diameter rolls to allow better control of the sheet thickness profile.
The rebuild is scheduled for November.
Signing the contract for the second Bellmer rebuild at Arauco