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We are service!
True to this motto, Willich brings heart and soul to roll servicing.
Willich’s specialists draw no distinction, whether it is:
an in-house deflection controlled roll
a product from another company
a shoe press roll or calender roll
a classic floating roll or a multi-zone roll
Each roll is given a detailed checkover by the service team. It makes no difference if the roll was delivered after an accident, has to be repaired rapidly or is due for scheduled maintenance.
Our team in Willich is very proud of its diverse customer base, whose rolls have been repaired and maintained at Bellmer GapCon over the years and who appreciate the flexible and professional approach.
The service features at a glance:
inspection of deflection-controlled rolls of all brands
test drive on the roll test stand in operating conditions
pressure build-up control of internal and external leaks control of dynamic performance
grinding, drilling and honing of roll tubes
refurbishment of bearing seats
procurement of all original spare parts
on-site service
roll revisions, pressure setting, nip prints and audits
upgrade solutions for rolls, calenders and control units
reserve rolls of all brands on a 1:1 exchange basis
and more…