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TurboDrain Green in operation at Lublin treatment plant
With approximately 360,000 inhabitants, Lublin is the most easterly conurbation in the EU. This prosperous city is particularly known for its universities, with a student population of more than 100,000.

The partnership between Lublin’s public utilities and Bellmer goes back to 1992, when Bellmer installed its first sludge dewatering unit in Poland at Lublin’s sewage treatment plant. In 2001, during the course of an upgrade of the sewage treatment facility, two TurboDrain™ TD 4 units were delivered for the efficient thickening of thin sludge, which are still running in continuous operation to the full satisfaction of the customer.

When the extension of the sludge thickening was proposed in 2014, the planners again chose Bellmer technology - the TurboDrain Green. The unit installed at Lublin has a throughput of 120 m³/h of sludge and achieves final dry solids content of 5-7 % DS. The consumption of water, polymer and energy is significantly lower when compared with other sludge thickening units. The operators of Lublin’s wastewater treatment plant are more than satisfied with the progress.