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Goal achieved: Successful rebuild of PM 1 at Hamburger Rieger, Spremberg
PM 1 at Spremberg has been rebuilt to ensure high-quality production of coated white top testliner, thus extending the product portfolio in terms of quality. Bellmer was assigned this challenging project thanks to its reputation as a specialist in modernization and upgrades. As the new centrepiece of the paper machine, the TURBOCombiCoater coating unit was launched successfully at the beginning of June.

The coater is used as a blade coating unit for the top coat to upgrade the papers which are precoated in a filmpress. The coater’s particular feature is its ability to be run alternatively in stiff-blade or specific bent-blade mode. Coat application and paper quality can be fine-tuned via base point adjustment of the main parameters, including nozzle angle, metering angle and nozzle gap. The technology is completed by the coater’s dedicated control system, which includes, among other things, a fully automatic control for the CD coat weight. Blade operation mode is also possible, thus maximising flexibility in terms of paper grades for different applications in printing as well as the processing of the new coated papers. This high-performing coating unit is designed for an operating speed of 1,400 m/min. To ensure energy efficiency, the IR emitters are fully integrated. Production is particularly energy-efficient thanks to the high-performance air hood for drying of the coating combined with the paper machine hood air and the heat recovery systems. The first coated products (‘RiegerLiner EC- D’) produced on the upgraded line met the customer’s high quality requirements straight away, although further optimisation will take place. The scope of Bellmer’s supply also included new parts for the pre-dryer section and the dissolving pulper ahead of the sizer. Bellmer also supplied an additional hard-nip calender. Pre- and post-dryer sections were re-configured by the Bellmer subsidiaries Lang and Hafner.

Following the successful rebuild of his paper machine, Hamburger Rieger GmbH Managing Director Andreas Noss concluded: ‘With the first coating tests we surpassed our market benchmark for these products! In particular, the printability and printing results have been excellent.’
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