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Quality for food includes cooking and baking
SAGA is Metsä Tissue’s premium brand for cooking and baking papers. It includes inspiring, all-purpose products for all who love to cook tasty, healthy food. SAGA cooking and baking papers conserve flavour and aroma. In addition, their high strength and excellent quality make them an excellent choice for professional chefs and large-scale catering applications as well as for enthusiastic ‘chefs’ at home.
To maintain the outstanding quality of their products, Metsä Tissue invests continuously and recently installed a Bellmer TURBOShaker for the production of baking paper on PM 5 in Düren. The TURBOShaker makes the breast rolls vibrate in a controlled manner and this results in improved formation. The shaking unit uses the physical principle of reactive-free inertial masses, thus optimizing the density and minimum air permeability required for baking papers. In addition, a broadening of the paper web by approximately 1 cm was already achieved in preliminary tests with the Bellmer TURBOShaker. Due to its compact and space-saving design the Bellmer TURBOShaker is a perfect tool for retrofitting. Despite the high shaking frequencies it provides, the unit does not transmit the reaction forces it generates to the machine’s foundations.