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Another decor paper machine with AKUFORM RX dandy roll system
The building boom in China has led to an increased demand for furniture and laminate flooring, and thus also for decor paper, production of which is focused in Zhejiang province. Huawang New Materials Co. Ltd, based in the city of Lin´an, is installing a new production line for decor paper by retrofitting a newsprint paper machine to produce paper with a basis weight of 50 – 120 g/m² at up to 700 m/min. A key element in the machine rebuild is the installation of a dandy roll system in order to achieve the excellent formation required for the production of high-quality paper.
Having considered Bellmer Kufferath Machinery’s international references with market leaders in the sector, particularly in recent years, the customer decided to specify an AKUFORM RX 2000 x 5600 type dandy roll system. With a diameter of 2,000 mm it is one of the biggest dandy roll systems on the market. Bellmer Kufferath’s design is constantly updated and represents the state-of-the art for dandy roll systems dedicated to highly filled papers, ensuring optimum paper quality and productivity.

The AKUFORM RX dandy roll system at Huawang was successfully started up in late May/early June 2015.

With more than 100 dandy roll systems supplied (of which more than 20 since 2010) Bellmer Kufferath has achieved consistent success in the manufacture of specialty papers.