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UMKA cardboard factory saves energy costs after hood rebuild
The UMKA cardboard factory in Beograd is a member of KappaStar Group manufacturing special cardboards with basis weights between 230 and 500 g/m2 on an operating width of 320 cm. Comprehensive refurbishment works on the board machine were completed last year, the largest element of which was the replacement of the 77m-long drying hood.
The objective was to improve the drying process of the board produced and, at the same time, to reduce thermal energy consumption considerably and thus save on the high energy costs. Against tough international competition, LANG-HAFNER won the order for the supply of a new lift-gate hood thanks to the decisive and convincing price-performance ratio it could offer. The new hood has been built using state-of-the-art technology. Special seals on the insulation cassettes, rivet-free cassettes inside the hood, sealed cassette joints as well as ventilated hood steel construction enable an operating dew point up to 64°C. The thermal radiation loss from the drying cylinders has been significantly reduced through higher air temperatures in the hood and the reduction of the leakage air rate, and this has enhanced the efficiency of the dryer section. It was possible to retain the existing machine-related air technology without changes, despite increased water evaporation. Simply by installing the new hood, the board machine’s steam consumption has been lowered by 6 %. The thermal heat radiation of the hood was significantly decreased while, simultaneously, the leakage of swaths of water into the paper machine hall was eliminated. With both factors combined, a real improvement in the climatic conditions in the machine hall has been achieved. A particular challenge was the short shutdown period of 10 days. There was no problem adhering to the shutdown schedule, thanks to a detailed and coherent erection plan as well as the perfectly coordinated cooperation between our customer UMKA, HAFNER and customer’s mounting company GrappS a.d.

LANG-HAFNER was the right partner for us, was the conclusion of technical director, Stanisa Lukic, after a successful, on-schedule startup.