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New series: We love manufacturing!
The continuous development of manu-facturing know-how and modern, efficient production facilities are integral to Bellmer group’s philosophy. This is the only way we provide the quality for which we are renowned; the only way we can deliver this quality on a long term cost-effective basis; and the only way we can offer fast delivery and service. This is why, in 2012, we built a completely new 5,000 m² factory close to our headquarters in Niefern. The majority of our products are tailored individually in batch production. The close cooperation between our manufacturing team and our designers ensures fast feedback. From new insight to joining our master parts lists is a short journey. These relationships form the basis for future projects. It is thanks to the trust and constant interaction between design and manufacturing that innovations are created which go on to benefit our customers. So in a short series we want to present to you the various steps which contribute to our manufacturing process. All our products are manufactured in our own production facilities. The majority of these are „made in Germany“ at our sites in Niefern (Bellmer), Düren (Bellmer Kufferath) and Apfeltrach (Hafner). However let´s start with the state-of-the-art pickling service of our Finnish subsidiary Bellmer Vaahto in Hollola (about 120 km from Helsinki). The pickling station was created especially for the manufacturing of headboxes. At the „heart“ of the paper machine we don´t allow any compromise – and the same goes for production. Have fun with our new series:
Pickling: Optimum corrosion protection for stainless steel
The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is only guaranteed if the surface is free of tarnish (e.g. after welding processes), residues, rust, or ferritic inclusions. Pickling of stainless steels is a chemical process that thoroughly removes impurities and allows the reconstruction of a uniform layer. The know-how in terms of pickling operations at Bellmer Vaahto dates back to 1960, but a new, modern pickling station was put into operation in 2006. The diving pickling unit allows the pickling of submersible constructions, assembly and small serial parts, containers and equipment in a pool measuring 12.5 x 1.6 x 1.5 m. Spray pickling is used for larger and non-demountable parts, and this can cope with surfaces with maximum dimensions up to 14 m. Rinsing of the surfaces with water, after the exposure of the stain, is an absolute necessity. Naturally, Bellmer Vaahto’s pickling station is designed in accordance with all statutory regulations on environmental protection. An automatic neutralization plant for the treatment of waste water leads the cleaned waste water directly into the local sewage treatment plant. Bellmer Vaahto runs the pickling station on a shift operation. This can be combined flexibly according customer requirements.